Bank Account Opening

Exclusive FREE Bank Account Opening for Platinum and Diamond Members

Embrace a new era of financial empowerment with our exclusive FREE Bank Account Opening, a premium benefit exclusively available to Platinum and Diamond members of the Welfare Wave Network. As a member-based entity operating under the legal entity Welfare Wave Society, Inc., we are committed to fostering community building, charitable initiatives, cultural enrichment, social welfare, and youth development programs.

This unparalleled opportunity is bundled with your membership and registration to the Welfare Wave Network, making it a complimentary privilege that underscores our dedication to your holistic well-being. Enjoy the freedom of a bank account without any associated fees upon enrollment, providing you with a seamless financial experience.

To seize this exclusive offering, simply renew your Platinum or Diamond membership yearly, ensuring continued access to this valuable benefit. The initial account opening requires a nominal deposit of 600 pesos, a small step toward a future of financial prosperity.

Join us in creating a positive impact on society while unlocking the doors to financial freedom. Welfare Wave Network – where community, commitment, and financial well-being converge.

Choose the Membership Level that Suits your Interests and Commitment

Welfare Wave Network offers various membership levels to accommodate the diverse needs and interests of our members. These levels may include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond memberships, each with its own unique benefits and opportunities for engagement.

BRONZE Membership

Campaign Starter

1,500.00 / Year
  • New Influenced Reward
  • Store & Shop 50% Discount
  • Store & Shop Affiliate Commision
  • Discounts to Business Partners
  • Social Services & Assistance
  • FREE Membership Digital ID
  • Promotion to Next Higher Level

SILVER Membership

Campaign Builder

2,500.00 / Year
  • ALL Features in BRONZE +
  • Token Rewards Program
  • 0% Interest Loan Grants
  • Medical and Accident Insurance
  • Scholarship Grants/ Cash
  • Monthly Allowance (₱ 3,000.00)
  • 0% Interest Loan Grants

GOLD Membership

Campaign Manager

3,500.00 / Year
  • ALL Features in SILVER +
  • Token Rewards Program
  • FREE Membership T- Shirt
  • Monthly Allowance (₱ 5,000.00)
  • Local Travel Reward Programs
  • International Travel Rewards
  • Exclusive Events & Parties

PLATINUM Membership

Campaign Director

4,500.00 / Year
  • ALL Features in GOLD +
  • Token Reward Programs
  • FREE Membership T- Shirt
  • Monthly Allowance (₱ 7,500.00)
  • Local Travel Reward Programs
  • International Travel Rewards
  • Annual Points Rewards (0.005%)

DIAMOND Membership

Executive Campaign Director

5,500.00 / Year
  • ALL Features in GOLD +
  • Token Reward Programs
  • ATM Account with Initial Deposit
  • Monthly Allowance (₱ 7,500.00)
  • Local Travel Reward Programs
  • International Travel Reward Programs
  • Annual Points Rewards (0.01%)
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