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Welfare Wave Network Member's Benefits

Joining Welfare Wave Network isn’t just about being a member; it’s about becoming part of a supportive community that believes in uplifting lives. As a valued member, you gain access to a comprehensive array of benefits designed to enhance your well-being, foster financial stability, and contribute to positive community growth.

FREE Optional Insurance

Medical & Accident

Enjoy the security of comprehensive medical and accident insurance provided by our esteemed partners, AIA & SunLife, ensuring your peace of mind and well-being. Another option and coverage is worth 500k- 1M.

0% Interest Loan

Short-Term, SME, OFW, Agricultural

Qualify for various loan grants from our trusted partner banks and financing institutions, catering to your diverse needs, whether it’s short-term financial assistance, SME support, OFW loans, or agricultural funding.

Livelihood Programs

Product Reselling and Dealership

Explore entrepreneurial opportunities through our livelihood programs, offering avenues for product reselling and dealership to empower you economically.

Shopping Discount

Welfare Wave Network Shop

Enjoy a 50% discount on the majority of products available at the Welfare Wave Network Store, making quality products more accessible to our members.

Affiliate Reward

Earn As An Affiliate Of Our Store

Receive a 10% – 14% reward/commission for every successful referral sale from the Welfare Wave Network Shop, adding a financial boost to your membership benefits.

Retainer Programs

Annual Retainer Rewards

Receive a 10% – 14% yearly incentive for every community member retained, contributing to the sustainability and growth of our vibrant community.

Travel Rewards Program

Local or International

Experience the world with our Travel Rewards Program, including local travel once a year and international travel annually for qualified community leaders such as gold, platinum, and diamond members.

FREE Insurance Upon Membership

Accidental & Death Insurance

Enjoy peace of mind with our FREE Accidental Death Insurance, an exclusive benefit available to members upon enrollment and registration in Welfare Wave Network. As a valued member, you automatically receive this complimentary coverage, offering financial protection in the unfortunate event of accidental death.

Social Services

Community Members Assistance

Access a range of social services, including healthcare assistants, quarterly financial medical assistance, counseling, and mental health support, community development projects, disaster relief programs, and elderly care and support.

Scholarship Grants

Grants or In- Cash

Access educational opportunities with cash or grant scholarships for Grade School, Junior High School, Senior High School, and College education through our esteemed school partners.

Discounts and Privileges

To Our Business Partners

Avail exclusive discounts from our business partners, providing you with special privileges as a Welfare Wave Network member.

Community Building

Percentage Reward Program

Receive a 10% – 14% commission for every community member you bring into our network, contributing to the growth and strength of our community.

Members Credit Cards

Exclusive Members CC SOON!

Look forward to exclusive credit card offerings tailored to the needs of Welfare Wave Network members, coming soon to enhance your financial capabilities.

Monthly Allowance


As a Welfare Wave Network member, you unlock a realm of exclusive perks and benefits, including the coveted Monthly Allowance. This unique offering ensures that our members receive a regular financial boost, allowing you to enjoy an additional stream of income each month.

FREE Bank Account

For Platinum & Diamond

Unlock financial freedom with our exclusive partnership! As a Platinum or Gold member of the Welfare Wave Network, you can enjoy a complimentary bank account opening experience with our trusted partner bank. This limited-time offer includes free enrollment and registration, eliminating any barriers to accessing essential banking services.

Token Rewards

Points & WEL Token Rewards

Accumulate WEL Tokens through various activities and engagements, unlocking exciting rewards and benefits within the Welfare Wave Network ecosystem.

And Many More!

We Continuously Working For Your Welfare

Stay tuned for additional surprises and benefits, as we continuously strive to enhance the Welfare Wave Network membership experience.

At Welfare Wave Network, we're not just building a community

We're Building a Future where Everyone can Thrive. Join Us and Experience the Difference Today!

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