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Welfare Wave Network: Elevate Your Lifestyle with Exclusive Perks and Benefits

Welcome to a world of unparalleled privileges! As an active member of the Welfare Wave Network, whether you’re a BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, or DIAMOND member, we’re dedicated to enriching your experience with exclusive perks and benefits tailored just for you.

1. Seamless Access via Mobile App: Elevate your convenience with our dedicated Welfare Wave Network mobile app partner. Easily identify yourself and unlock a realm of discounts and privileges on the go. Effortlessly navigate through the app to discover the latest offerings from our esteemed business partners and merchants.

2. Tailored Membership Tiers: Experience the power of choice with our tiered membership system. From BRONZE to DIAMOND, each tier unlocks a unique set of benefits, ensuring that you receive perks tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

3. Exclusive Discounts from Business Partners: Indulge in a world of savings! Enjoy exclusive discounts from our carefully curated network of business partners and merchants. Whether it’s dining, travel, shopping, or entertainment, we’ve partnered with premium brands to offer you unmatched privileges.

4. Continuous Enhancement for Your Welfare: At Welfare Wave Network, we believe in continuous improvement. Stay tuned for exciting surprises and additional benefits as our Board of Directors (BODs) tirelessly works to enhance your membership experience. We are committed to providing you with more reasons to rejoice as we unveil new perks and surprises.

5. Stay Informed with Regular Updates: Never miss out on the latest offers! Receive regular updates and notifications through the mobile app to stay informed about new partnerships, discounts, and special events exclusive to Welfare Wave Network members.

6. Diverse Perks for Varied Lifestyles: We understand that every member is unique. That’s why our perks go beyond the ordinary, catering to a diverse range of interests and lifestyles. Whether you’re a travel enthusiast, a food connoisseur, a fashionista, or an avid adventurer, Welfare Wave Network has something special for you.

Join us on this journey towards a lifestyle of abundance and luxury. Your welfare is our top priority, and we’re committed to making every moment of your membership truly extraordinary.

Enjoy the benefits that are available now, and stay excited for the continuous wave of exclusive perks coming your way!

Choose the Membership Level that Suits your Interests and Commitment

Welfare Wave Network offers various membership levels to accommodate the diverse needs and interests of our members. These levels may include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond memberships, each with its own unique benefits and opportunities for engagement.

BRONZE Membership

Campaign Starter

1,500.00 / Year
  • New Influenced Reward
  • Store & Shop 50% Discount
  • Store & Shop Affiliate Commision
  • Discounts to Business Partners
  • Social Services & Assistance
  • FREE Membership Digital ID
  • Promotion to Next Higher Level

SILVER Membership

Campaign Builder

2,500.00 / Year
  • ALL Features in BRONZE +
  • Token Rewards Program
  • 0% Interest Loan Grants
  • Medical and Accident Insurance
  • Scholarship Grants/ Cash
  • Monthly Allowance (₱ 3,000.00)
  • 0% Interest Loan Grants

GOLD Membership

Campaign Manager

3,500.00 / Year
  • ALL Features in SILVER +
  • Token Rewards Program
  • FREE Membership T- Shirt
  • Monthly Allowance (₱ 5,000.00)
  • Local Travel Reward Programs
  • International Travel Rewards
  • Exclusive Events & Parties

PLATINUM Membership

Campaign Director

4,500.00 / Year
  • ALL Features in GOLD +
  • Token Reward Programs
  • FREE Membership T- Shirt
  • Monthly Allowance (₱ 7,500.00)
  • Local Travel Reward Programs
  • International Travel Rewards
  • Annual Points Rewards (0.005%)

DIAMOND Membership

Executive Campaign Director

5,500.00 / Year
  • ALL Features in GOLD +
  • Token Reward Programs
  • ATM Account with Initial Deposit
  • Monthly Allowance (₱ 7,500.00)
  • Local Travel Reward Programs
  • International Travel Reward Programs
  • Annual Points Rewards (0.01%)
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