Trademark and Copyright Note

This document serves as a notice regarding the protection of intellectual property, specifically about the TradeMark of Welfare Wave Network.

1. Trademark:

The TradeMark of Welfare Wave Network includes distinctive designs, logos, and other identifiable elements associated with the brand. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or alteration of the TradeMark is strictly prohibited. This encompasses but is not limited to, printed materials, logos, and copies of any kind.

The TradeMark of Welfare Wave Network is the exclusive owner of the design and logo, and any attempt to replicate, imitate, or use these elements without proper authorization will result in legal action. This notice serves as a warning to all individuals, entities, or organizations to refrain from engaging in activities that infringe upon the trademark rights of Welfare Wave Network.

2. Copyright:

The content, design, and creative works associated with Welfare Wave Network are protected by copyright law. This includes written materials, visual elements, and any original creations produced by or for Welfare Wave Network. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited.

Copyright infringement is a serious offense and is subject to legal consequences. Any individual or entity found to violate copyright law may face legal action and financial penalties.

3. Punishment by Law:

Both trademark infringement and copyright infringement are punishable by law. Any individual, entity, or organization found to violate the intellectual property rights of Welfare Wave Network will be subject to legal action and may be required to pay damages.

This notice is issued to raise awareness of the importance of respecting intellectual property rights and to inform the public about the legal consequences associated with trademark and copyright infringement.


The TradeMark of Welfare Wave Network takes the protection of its intellectual property seriously. This notice serves as a clear indication that any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of trademarked and copyrighted materials will not be tolerated and will result in legal consequences.

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