Unveiling the Power of Protection: Welfare Wave Network’s Free AIA Philippines Insurance Coverage

In a world where uncertainties are a part of life’s journey, the Welfare Wave Network steps forward to offer an extra layer of security and peace of mind for its members. While membership in the Welfare Wave Network comes with a myriad of benefits, the spotlight today is on the optional yet invaluable free insurance coverage that members can avail themselves of, ranging from 500,000 to 1 million pesos, thanks to the partnership with AIA Philippines.

The Essence of the Option

The decision to make insurance coverage optional was a strategic one by Welfare Wave Network. This approach empowers its members to choose the level of protection that aligns with their individual needs and circumstances. For those seeking higher coverage, the network has strategically chosen AIA Philippines as the insurance provider to ensure top-notch service and reliability.

AIA Philippines: A Trusted Ally

Recognizing the importance of aligning with a reputable insurance provider, Welfare Wave Network has selected AIA Philippines for its proven track record in delivering reliable and comprehensive insurance solutions. AIA Philippines has long been a beacon of trust in the insurance industry, known for its commitment to providing financial security and peace of mind to its policyholders.

Making it Truly Free

What sets this insurance option apart is that it comes at no extra cost to the members. Welfare Wave Network has taken a bold step to cover the insurance premiums, ensuring that this added layer of protection is accessible to every qualifying member. This means that members can enjoy the benefits of insurance without worrying about the financial burden.

Qualifying for the Extra Shield

While the insurance option is open to all Welfare Wave Network members, there are specific criteria in place to ensure that those who opt for higher coverage meet certain qualifications. The requirements are designed to encourage active participation and commitment to the network, creating a community that is not only connected but also engaged in its collective well-being.

1. Tier Membership

To be eligible for the enhanced insurance coverage, members must hold a SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, or DIAMOND membership within the Welfare Wave Network. This tiered approach ensures that those who are actively involved and committed to the network’s growth are rewarded with increased protection.

2. Digital Identification

Seamless identification is made possible through the Welfare Wave Network partner mobile app. Members are required to utilize this app to facilitate easy and efficient digital identification, streamlining the process of availing insurance benefits.

3. Accumulate 40 Points

Active participation is key to unlocking enhanced insurance coverage. Members can accumulate 40 points through various activities within the network, promoting a sense of community engagement and shared responsibility.

Point Accumulation Options:

  • Bringing in new community members: Earn points by expanding the Welfare Wave Network family, and fostering growth and inclusivity.
  • Purchase or sell from Welfare Wave Network Store: Each transaction within the network’s store is equivalent to 2 points, promoting economic participation and supporting the network’s sustainability.
  • Policy Compliance: Maintain a clean record by adhering to the policies of the Welfare Wave Network, ensuring a harmonious and responsible community.
  • Active Participation: Stay engaged and active within the network, contributing to the vibrant community spirit that defines the Welfare Wave Network.


In offering this optional but significant insurance coverage, Welfare Wave Network not only demonstrates its commitment to the well-being of its members but also fosters a sense of collective responsibility. The partnership with AIA Philippines ensures that the coverage is not only accessible but also reliable and of the highest quality. As members actively participate, engage, and contribute to the network’s growth, they not only enjoy the benefits of a connected community but also gain access to a robust insurance shield, making Welfare Wave Network not just a network but a guardian of its members’ futures.

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