YEN’S BAKERY and Welfare Wave Network: A Sweet Symphony of Community Impact

In a quaint corner of Barangay Gingaroy, Tigaon, Camarines Sur, a delightful haven awaits pastry enthusiasts seeking not just delectable treats but also a taste of community well-being. YEN’S BAKERY, under the visionary leadership of Ms. Irene Royales Benito, has transcended the realm of baked goods to become a symbol of quality, warmth, and a commitment to positive social change.

Bakery Bliss in Tigaon Partido:

Nestled in the heart of Barangay Gingaroy, Tigaon, in the 4th District of Camarines Sur, YEN’S BAKERY stands as a testament to the passion and talent of its owner, Ms. Irene Royales Benito. From mouth-watering pastries to the inviting ambiance, the bakery has established itself as the go-to destination for those in search of a delightful culinary experience.

Contact Numbers: 0927-485-2175/ 0926-605-0986

The aroma of freshly baked goods wafting through the air is not the only thing that makes YEN’S BAKERY special. Beyond its culinary offerings, the bakery is deeply rooted in the local community, a commitment that has recently been further solidified through a significant partnership.

Partnership with Welfare Wave Network:

YEN’S BAKERY is proud to announce its partnership with the Welfare Wave Network, operating under the legal entity Welfare Wave Society, Inc. This member-based entity is dedicated to fostering community building, charitable initiatives, cultural enrichment, social welfare, and youth development programs. The synergy between YEN’S BAKERY and the Welfare Wave Network is poised to create a positive impact on society, aligning with both entities’ shared mission.

Objectives of the Partnership:

a. Contributing to Positive Social Change: The partnership aims to contribute to positive social change by actively engaging in initiatives that uplift and empower the local community.

b. Community Development: YEN’S BAKERY and Welfare Wave Network are committed to community development, fostering growth, and creating a sustainable environment for residents.

c. Cultural Enrichment: The collaboration seeks to promote and preserve local culture, celebrating the rich heritage of Barangay Gingaroy and Tigaon.

d. Youth Development: Recognizing the potential of the youth, the partnership focuses on programs that nurture skills, education, and personal development among young individuals.

Unlocking Privileges for Welfare Wave Network Members:

One of the exciting aspects of this partnership is the exclusive privilege offered to Welfare Wave Network members. Members, employees, and business partners associated with the Welfare Wave Network are entitled to a 5% discount on every purchase worth 500 pesos and a generous 10% discount for wholesale purchases exceeding 1000 pesos from YEN’S BAKERY.

How to Avail the Discounts:

If you’re eager to savor the sweetness of these exclusive discounts, becoming a part of the Welfare Wave Network community is the key. Reach out to YEN’S BAKERY to learn how you can join this community dedicated to positive social impact and enjoy the delicious perks of partnership.

Signing of Contract and Partnership:

The signing of the partnership contract between YEN’S BAKERY and the Welfare Wave Network marks a momentous occasion for both entities. This collaborative effort is not just about creating a business alliance; it’s a commitment to shared values, community upliftment, and making a lasting difference.

As YEN’S BAKERY continues to grace the taste buds of Barangay Gingaroy and beyond, this partnership with the Welfare Wave Network adds a new layer of purpose and meaning to every delightful creation. Together, they embark on a journey of sweetness, not just in the form of pastries but in the positive impact they strive to create within the community.

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